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Fun Fact Friday {8/2}

on August 2, 2013


The idea for my second ever blog post comes from Courtney over at Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life for my second ever blog post. If you haven’t checked out her blog- please do! She just had her first little baby and I’m already obsessed with his cuteness. She’s pretty great too! 😉

My Fun Fact Friday posts will essentially just be a rambling of thoughts…hope you enjoy!

1. I have no idea what I got myself into with this whole blogging situation. I hope I don’t bore any readers to death. I really might have to spice my life up just to have more interesting topics for my blog. 😉 Please bear with me while I get learn my way.

2. There is something about Friday’s that just makes me want to go whole hog when it comes to treating myself. For example, I definitely bought breakfast at work (my workplace has an amazing cafeteria that I try to avoid at all costs–mainly for cost saving purposes). I also splurged on a Starbuck’s grande iced coffee w/ non-fat. Delish! And let’s be honest, I’m already scheming my next Friday treat up in my head!

3. This weekend, the husband and I have ZERO plans. You have no idea how happy that makes me! It’s kind of humorous to think back to when I was a teenager and the thought of no plans on a weekend was the epitome of devastation and now I dream of no plans. Getting old much?

4. When I say that we have no plans, I’m omitting the usual Sunday Dundas Dukes baseball game. I don’t really count baseball games as plans since that is really just part of our life now. The husband plays with the Dundas Dukes which is  an amateur wooden bat baseball league. They play, during the regular summer season, every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday so it has become just normal routine for me to get my baseball cheering gear on and head to the field on those days. They have not entered playoffs and their first game is Sunday. Since I am a devoted baseball wife,  you’ll probably continue to hear about the Dukes frequently on this blog. Go Dukes!

 5. I’m really excited to share my life with you on Be-YOU-tiful Life Blog. I don’t really have a set path for this blog but know that I want to incorporate the three main pillars of my life: family, food, and fitness. **Work will remain relatively anonymous even though it is a big part of my life (pays the bills ;-)). In sharing my experiences, I hope that I can show you readers out there that no matter what happens in life, it’s a beautiful journey. You learn as you go…I plan to learn how to stay connected better with family/friends, cook more healthy delicious meals, and work on my fitness. You and I both will see what happens!

I guess 5 fun facts is all I got today. Have a great day!


One response to “Fun Fact Friday {8/2}

  1. Courtney says:

    Thanks for the shout out and congrats on starting the blog! 🙂

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